Thursday 27 June 2013

Master Composters visit Fertile Fibre

We entertained The Master Composters for a tour and guide around the factory today, We over shot by about an hour as everybody seem to be enjoying themselves.

If anybody would like to bring a party round please get in contact with Fertile Fibre.
Pictures to follow.

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Fast delivery

Thanks for sending my order so quickly, very impressed.

Appreciated !

Kind Regards

Len Harrison

Ordered 10:10 am 24/06/2013 delivered Somerset 9:30 25/06/2013

Getting ready for Glastonbury

Fertile Fibre works in Scotland

Received this picture from a customer North of Inverness who was very happy and back again for more compost, Thanks Ross

How many herbs can you name in this picture?

Facts about Fertile Fibre

Thing you might not know about Fertile Fibre

First idea 1989 by Robert Hurst
First batch made 1992
Certified Organic since 1992
New owners in 2004

Only natural spring water used,
No green waste in any products
We carry a very small amount of compost as stock, therefor keeping your compost fresh and made to order.
We make Carbon Gold
We are joining Demeter Organic Association awaiting inspection by them.

I did i mention that Robert and Kim from the Cottage Herbery still buy there compost from Fertile Fibre and that is why there plants look so Fantastic.
 Top Tip:-----Robert say that this year he has had to spend more money on Liquid feed because he is trying to save money by not reporting plants,

Friday 21 June 2013

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Hey Matthew, am totally impressed by your coir; attached photo shows coriander (sown on May 28) now starting to root-through in 1L pots - after 18 days!

EYHO John Innes  (  :