Thursday 15 November 2012

100% Natural what does that mean?

I hate websites that use this term, Who checks to see if it is natural.
Coir 100% Natural -- Well what else is it going to be --Unnatural-- i don't think so.
100% Organic who says so.

When i see this it just shows me that they are trying to claim their products are natural or organic without having to prove that they are natural or organic.
There is a website organic growing  that sells nothing that is organic. It might be 100% organic but who checks, to insure that it is organic
Fertile Fibre is the only company i know that sells organic coir certified by the soil association. So you know that there coir is produced organically--produced with out using Chemical Fertiliser or chemical sprays.

Anything called Organic needs a certificate, to say so.


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