Friday 25 January 2013

Coir and salt

Had this email today

I'm hoping you will be able to advise me on this. I'm looking at stocking your coir blocks in my shop in the future but there has been some recent discussion among snail keepers about batches from other brands potentially being salt contaminated due to proximity to the sea. I personally know that yours is safe, i've used it for years with my own snails and other inverts, but I wanted to do a double confirmation if possible so I can say to any customers with concerns that i've been assured it won't contain any. Unfortunately there has been in recent years some issues with some reptile specific coir, particularly with hermit crabs, that has made people who were around then wary. 


  1. Welcome to the world of coir and dealing with Sri Lanka.
    There has been a massive explosion of coir suppliers lately and some are selling coir that is not fit for use it is a major problem.
    They offer fantastic deals which people find attractive but it is different when the coir arrives.
    I like to think that we have been doing it for longer enough and know enough people so that our coir is good and salt free.
    It's not really the salts from the sea that make a difference but the salts that are found in fresh coir, Because of the massive demand for coir Suppliers are using more fresh coir that has not had time to be washed several times that helps in flushing out the salts. The older the coir the better.
    The only thing I recommend is that you wash the coir well and let the water wash through the coir and drain away. Place in bucket and then put the bucket in a sink and let the water spill out over the top of the bucket into the sink. The more water the better. We hydrate our coir for 24 hrs with water running through it.

    I hope this helps


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