Monday, 18 November 2013


Fertile Fibre coir and compost for Wheat-grass
Received a call today about wheat-grass and i thought it would be of help to add information to the blog.
You can use coir for wheat-grass, any bales or blocks will need hydrating and will take a minimum of 24 hrs to hydrate or you can buy coir that has already been hydrated and ready to use and with the correct moisture. You can use straight coir or if you want a more productive media some people use Fertile Fibre Organic Multipurpose or Vegro Multipurpose, both are Soil association approved and the Vegro is Vegan approved and of course both are 100 % peat free. The Fertile Fibre will give more vigorous growth and more crop, yields ie: crop will grow back quicker when cut.
The fertilizer will also produce a greener crop, but for some purest only straight coir  will do.
We sell our media compost, coir to all the large wheat-grass producers so you can rest easy that it works and something new you could try, the new professionals choice that has been chemically changed to produce the perfect growing media.
With all growing it's what works best in your system and the ideal is to try many things in producing the perfect wheat-grass.

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